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Служителите в агенция за преводи "Олтранс" ООД залагат на компетентност, коректност и висок професионализъм. Благодарна съм, че имам възможността да си сътрудничим и бих препоръчала агенцията на всеки, който се нуждае от качествена, прецизна и изпълнена в срок преводаческа услуга.

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Тема „Работа в агенция за езикови преводи - работен процес и основни длъжности”

Темата дава реален поглед върху работата в агенция за езикови преводи и е възможност за желаещите да работят в тази сфера да се ориентират по-лесно за желаната длъжност според изпълняваните задачи и да се подготвят по-добре по необходимите умения.

Можете да изтеглите темата в PDF формат: Тема „Работа в агенция за езикови преводи - работен процес и основни длъжности”.

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Localization, Localisation
  • eCommerce in Europe: Size Matters
    We’ve all heard the stats and we don’t need them to tell us: we all prefer to buy in our own language. In fact according to the E.U., 2 thirds of E.U. web shoppers will simply not buy in a foreign language. This article looks at localisation and eCommerce with a particular focus on Europe.

  • Workflow Technologies: Top 10 Must-Have Features
    Over the last few years, the number of GMS and similar Workflow technologies dedicated to Localisation has increased steadily. As a result it has become more complicated to thoroughly evaluate all options available, and the rise of more specialised subcategories only adds to this information overload. The 10 fundamentals in this article should be your starting point and the rest should only come as extras.

  • SDL Trados Studio 2014: Sneak Peek
    The first details about the next version of Trados have started trickling over the usual networks. Other SDL applications will get a refresh shortly afterwards including Groupshare and WorldServer in the shape of a Service Pack for WorldServer 2011.

  • Demystifying SEO in Localisation
    The topic of Search Engine Optimisation is often subject to over-complication. The truth is that it doesn't have to be complicated. Do we need to understand it thoroughly before we can set up an SEO Localisation strategy? No. And do we need SEO gurus to make localised websites visible? Absolutely not!

  • Wordfast Pro 3.1: Solid Contender
    The translators network ProZ.com recently published an article about the use of CAT tools in the industry. It was based on a survey they ran within their community and which received over 3,000 responses. Apart from the perennial dominance of Trados which about 75% use in some shape or form, 3 facts caught my attention.

  • Online QA Models: Untapped Potential
    I was quite enthusiastic the first time I came across Online Quality Models. The idea of Reviewers providing quality feedback in the Translation Management System (TMS) where the translations reside always seemed to make sense to me. The reality however is that very few of the TMS setups I've come across use Online QA Models. In this post, we look at the reasons for this apparent failure and what might be the future of interactive quality evaluation.

  • Online QA Models Survey
    We are running a short survey about Linguistic Review in Translation Management Systems to help prepare our next article. If you have 5 minutes to lend us, we’d greatly appreciate your input: click here to take the survey Thank you! Nick.

  • Establishing a Web Presence in China
    So, it’s been a while since my last post here, and now I find myself in a city with the tastiest Döner in the world and most hipsters per square mile, Berlin. For the last 9 months I’ve been heading a team building a cross-media mobile content platform in China focused on bringing western music, […]

  • SDL WorldServer: Getting Started with Custom Reports
    The Report Center was completely upgraded with the last major release of WorldServer. Overall the new offering was very good, with a more modern interface and a more powerful underlying technology. Yet upgrading the Report Center and starting to make the most of its full potential required a certain amount of effort. This is mostly because while it is accessible through WorldServer, the Report Center is in fact a completely separate application. Moreover, it is made-up of three distinct elements, for which no integrated documentation exists: the queries, the reports layout and the repository site. This post reviews the basic functionality of the current version and suggests ideas to improved it in the future.

  • MT, TM’s & TMS’s: Interview with Wayne Bourland, Global Localization Director, Dell‏
    Last summer Wayne Bourland, Director of Global localization at Dell, spoke about Machine Translation at the LocWorld Conference in Barcelona. He raised some very interesting points, which were later echoed in an article in MultiLingual (July-August 2011). The central idea was that MT was failing to gain traction for 3 reasons: clients not knowing how to buy it, Providers not knowing how to sell it, and Translators being reluctant to support it.

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